Today is the anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni’s first day he gave teachings. The first teaching he gave his students was the Four Noble Truth. This teaching was to understand there is suffering; there is a cause of suffering; suffering can end; and there is a path and actions that lead to the end of suffering and to liberation.

It is important we know today that we take Refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Especially we also take Refuge in the lineage Guru because the lineage Guru shows you the teachings of Dharma. And then you know the right path. Then you are very close to the Buddha Dharma with your Guru. If you don’t have a Guru, you don’t have enlightenment.

In Hinayana, the Four Noble Truths is the foundation. In Mahayana, the Four Noble Truths is the foundation and in Tantrayana, the Four Noble Truths is the foundation. These are all the same foundation but each has different methods.

For example, some see water, some see clear water, some see pure water, and some see amrita. In the six realms, water is seen differently. And, water hasn’t changed. That makes our world very beautiful and there are different levels. People have different emotions and there are different methods. After a short time, one has no desire and no negative things. This is the Buddhism way.

This world is very beautiful now. But we are not here long, perhaps 100 years if we have a very long life. Then we go to other realms or other worlds because our mind doesn’t end but our body leaves this world. Most important we know we have a meaningful life, which means doing meditation.

Every day, every night caring for our self then we know we did in a meaningful way, really did practice, and are a practitioner. Then your life is well done and your life is meaningful.

By doing meditation every day, we are confident in our self. We can say, “I did Guru Yoga practice. I did Yidam practice. I did Dakini and Dharmapala practice today. Then if we do this every day, it is meaningful this life. You don’t need to ask others. You know you did meaningful meditation every day and you will go to Buddhaland.

Otherwise, mind is very crazy, negative, smoking, drinking, and fighting. Then next life isn’t good and will go to hell, hungry ghost or animal realms.

These are the reasons I tell you that time is very important. Don’t spend too much doing other things that are not meaningful.

Hopefully everyone will do really well and practice the Four Noble Truths and do the different levels.

I do dedication for you. All lineage masters and Gurus are blessing your heart. All Yidam deities are with you, blessing you all the time. All Dakinis and Dharmapalas are with you like your shadow. May what you wish come true, like a wish fulfilling gem.

All the best to you all.

Inner Buddha Jnana. Khenchen Lama.