I’m very well and i coming to Asia soon. Thank you to all the organizations, sponsors, members and students for such good organization of everything.

Also, it is most important that we will do meditation together and have time when people can ask questions and I will answer. This is most important. Don’t ask me about politics, business, or personal questions. Only ask me about meditation practice and Dharma. I only help Buddhism: Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana and Dzogchen, the Nine Yanas knowledge for my students. Especially Padling Treasures, teaching Preliminary Practice, Dzogchen and daily practice.

If you have problems or questions in meditation or practice then I can help and daily show the path.
Any samsara, politics, or business things, don’t ask me. I don’t know samsara things nor political or business things. These are samsara things. I’m a practitioner, a Yogi. I show this way. I only show positive things, compassion and wisdom knowledge.

I don’t care about the number of students. It doesn’t really matter if there are a million students. One good student is fine. It doesn’t really matter the numbers. I did, am doing and will show my heart essence teachings to my students. I will show everything. If a student doesn’t do, that is their problem.
If they ask and have questions about practice, I can help. It is important that the student and Guru know each other, have good heart, and do great practice. Then are a great practitioner. This is good fortune.

Otherwise you won’t know your Guru’s great compassion, knowledges and good heart. This is an obstacle for meditation. I’m showing the good liberation path. Of course, we can this life try something, samsara activities and help in a Dharma way. For example, give to others, take care and be kind to others. This is the root and motivation of the Dharma way. No competition, or samsara outside things because samsara is temporary. Nirvana is not temporary.

All the best to you all.
Inner Kindness. Khenchen Lama.