H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche will visit us again in November. Rinpoche is a wonderful Master of Tibetan Buddhism, of Dzogchen Tradition, a great Master of Dream Yoga and Tibetan Yoga. You are kindly invited!

Rinpoče will teach and give Empowerments of different Buddhas: Lama Guru Rinpoche, Yidam Manjushri, Dakini Mangalam Tara, Medicine Buddha, Dharma Protector King Gesar, he will perform a smoke puja and teach Chod!
You can read a litle bit more about the Four Roots here: https://tinyurl.com/y6o29ftw

From Friday, 15th November, to Monday, 18th November, 2019

Izobraževalno-zdravilni Center, Gaberje, Glavna ulica 42, 9220 Lendava

260 € / person
It is possible to pay in two instalments

For this amount attendees will receive 6 nights’ lodging in the centre, 5x dinner, 5x breakfast, 4x lunch and of course Rinpoche’s precious teachings and company for 5 whole days.
On Tuesday, 19th of November we will visit with Rinpoche the Peace Stupa in Hungary and Milarepa centre. After the visit we return to the Centre where we spend the night.
In the amount of recommended donation these are not included: lunch on Tuesday, 19th, and costs of transportation to the Stupa.
To clarify: the first night spent at the centre will be on Thursday, the 14th (arrival from 18:00 to 19:00), first meal will be dinner on the 14th and the last meal will be breakfast on Wednesday, the 20th.

REGISTRATION AND MORE INFORMATION: E-mail: office(at)gesar.si ; Phone: 00 386 040 272 688 or 00 386 40 619 739.

Rinpoche’s official website: https://khenchenlama.com/

Awam Gesar Monastery official website: https://gesar.si