Tashi Delek everyone!

I hope you are all well. I wish you good health and wealth!I dreamed that this year there will be some very difficult times for human relationships, for countries, the world and the environment. Because of these significant difficulties, I checked to see what would be best to do. The best thing to do is only do Guru Rinpoche mantra and Dorje Gotrab (Vajra Armor) mantra.

Also, I’d like to share with everyone what I wish to do.I’d like to make a Vajra Armor mandala. It will be a Three Kayas mandala of Dorje Gotrab. I know from many Treasures of different mandalas what to make. I have one special Padma Dragngag Lingpa Treasure and my Treasure of Three Kayas Dorje Gotrab mandala. These are the same mandala.Whoever has this mandala, it will help to protect their body, speech and mind very well. This means having a strong body, a strong mind, strong health and wealth. The color is best as gold, silver and copper, or iron. If try gold it is very expensive. Copper is expensive too. But iron is very cheap. My vision is to do a silver mandala. That means it is not expensive and not cheap. And, it will be high quality.If you believe and would really like, then you need this one. If you’d like to help have this made and this to come true, let me know.

Please let me know how many people are interested and how many you would like. 5000 people or 5000 orders are needed so this is not expensive. With this many, it is cheaper and it will also be high quality. This isn’t for doing business and making money. If we have this many people or orders, it will cost 110 Chinese RMB, $17 USD, 15.25 EU to make each one. This is for a quality mandala. We won’t be adding anything extra to the price.We can make this together. The more people we have the better for everyone and the world.

Please let me know so I know how many people are interested and we can go ahead and have them made. At this time, please tell us your name and how many you want. We do not want any money now. Payment will be later. Thank you.

To let me know, if you are in Asia, please contact me through https://www.khenchenlama.com  .

If you are in America, Canada, UK, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, Greenland, South America etc. please contact me through info@awamtibetanheartcenter.org. This is the email for my https://awamtibetanheartcenter.org in America.

This Dorje Gotrab mandala will have Guru Rinpoche mantra, Dorje Gotrab mantra and a picture of Guru Rinpoche. Then will have Guru Rinpoche’s body, speech, mind. Hopefully everyone is interested and we will be able to do Dorje Gotrab’s mandala.Also, if someone has this mandala and they pass away, it can be placed with the body when they are cremated. This means in this lifetime, it is protection for your body, speech and mind.

When you die and it is placed with you when cremated, it gives liberation for others. And for you in your next life, it will be easy to go to Copper Mountain and be with Guru Rinpoche.All the best to the world.

Inner Blessing Everyone. Khenchen Lama