Happy Guru Rinpoche Day and Good News!

Good morning everyone

Tashi Deleks

The Awam Padma Dragngag Ling and a new website.

Today is Guru Rinpoche Day. Guru Rinpoche is blessing all the world today. And all Guru Rinpoche’s lineages do tsok offerings and meditation today. It is a more powerful day.

I have two announcements today. I have a new website: AwamGuruRinpoche.com. This website is for anyone who promises to do 1 mala of Guru Rinpoche every day for your whole lifetime. Please go to this website and follow the instructions. This will be very positive for our world and especially for peace in the world.

Secondly now, I have very good news! With my student Yogi Kunphen Wozer, we are doing Awam Padma Dragngag Ling in Finland.

((༄༅།།ཨེ་ཝྃ་པདྨ་དྲག་སྔགས་གླིང་།། Awam Padma Dragngag Ling 艾旺白玛佛法寺院 ))

He and the families are making a temple in a traditional way. This is for Padma Dragngag’s Lineage monastery. He is great heart, very hard working for Buddha Dharma and to benefit others.

This will especially be for the Padling Tersar Lineage. This means I will teach more there on the Padling Lineage and it will be the root monastery in Finland.

Yogi Kunphen Wozer is also a good practitioner of the Yogi lineage and takes good care of this lineage.
This I dreamed and now comes true. I did not ask him and the families. Instead, they offered to me.
With their offering, then I need Padma Dragngag Ling. No one knows when we might die. When I die they will take care of Padma Dragngag Ling. I am very happy these yogi families will take care of teaching children the traditional teachings. I remember the way of teaching children in the Tibetan traditional way.
For example, when get up in the morning, the family does prostrations; takes Refuge, Bodhicitta, mantra and try more Guru Yoga. This was how children were taught in Tibet. This is very helpful for mental health and learning the Buddha’s way of kindness, love, and compassion for others. Doing this traditional way is good news for me and all my students.

Also, I will go to Asia, North America, and Europe to see all my students. We are close and will have good conversations and test each other. Everyone, including children young or old, it does not matter, we take care of each other, and have love, and kindness for all sentient beings.

I promise Guru Rinpoche and Padma Dragngag Ling, to teach all his linage of Preliminary Practices especially Rigpa Guru Yoga, Yidams, Dakinis, and Dharmapalas, and the 30 Heart Essence Dzogchen Teachings and Yeshe Lama. Welcome to all my students in the world to come here.

Inner Padma Dragngag. Inner Khenchen Lama.