Guru and Student
First it is important that you very carefully check your Guru. You believe, respect, know and understand your Guru. After, you have transmission, blessing, empowerment and teaching.

If you leave your Guru after this, it is a very big problem. This is especially true in Vajrayana because you have lineage, blessings and empowerments. Buddha Shakyamuni says four things. “If you find a Guru, you respect the Guru.

The Guru teaches and gives outer transmission and blessings. Then, if you feel you don’t need the Guru, then the next 500 life times you will be a dog and be sick.” Guru Rinpoche Tantra says if you have three lineage transmissions: outer transmission, teaching and empowerment transmissions from Root Guru and then you fight and leave the Guru, then you will go to Vajra Hell for 1 billion lifetimes. For this reason, you must be very careful.

Now in modern times people leave things easily. For example, if you have an empowerment and then you think you don’t need the Guru anymore, then this is your problem. It is a problem because you already have the empowerment and lineage inside your heart. This doesn’t change.

A good way is to have good conversations with your Guru and to not break samaya. This is best. Otherwise the student goes to hell.

In the modern world, it is easy and common for people to go to this teacher for this empowerment, teachings and blessings and another teacher for another empowerment, teachings and blessing. People go here and there to have many empowerments, transmissions and teachings. This is very heavy karma for a student.

Students ask for teachings and Guru teaches. This is the right way. If Guru says I will teach this and says “you come”, this is not the right way.

Also, focusing on Dharma and how much money is not the right way. For example, this empowerment is this much; that empowerment will be that much. This is not the right way. If you really do true Dharma it isn’t really about numbers and money. Also of course, for samsara things, there is charging for things. It is not the right Dharma way to have teachings be expensive and to say it this way.

You need lineage; you need liberation; you need enlightenment. Then you respect lineage Guru; you respect yourself and you do not break samaya. It is very important to take care of samaya.

Inner Compassion. Khenchen Lama