It is important that we do meditation every day. Then meditation is a habit in our life. When we wake, we clean our self on the outer, inner and secret way. Outer meditation, we take a shower and brush our teeth so our body is clean. Although these are samsara things, they are important to do. Inner meditation we think of our precious human life. We think we are not going to do bad or negative things. Instead, we are going to use our energy and our self positively. We think of the liberation of sentient beings and that we achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings. I use my kindness, compassion and good heart to take care of myself and others. It is important to try to stop the bad and all negative things. Secret meditation in Buddhism we have renunciation; Refuge and Bodhicitta. We have Guru Yoga meditation; Mahamudra and Rigpa Dzogchen meditation. We use our motivation; we use our meditation and do dedication. It is very important that you do morning, afternoon and evening. I am doing this and I am telling you this now. When you have the habit of meditation in this way, your body is healthy and you use your mind in positive ways and your mind is healthy. You will be Buddha. 
All the best. 
H.E. Khenchen Lama.