Guru Yoga is very, very important in Tantra practice. Guru Yoga meditation is especially very important in the Preliminary Practices. First it is important to understand there is outer, inner, secret and very secret Guru Yoga.

Outer Guru Yoga means transmission, blessing, empowerment and teaching. These are your Guru. It is very important that you check this Guru or teacher that you receive these from; are they good or true or not. If they are a true master then this is good. It is very important to check and understand as this isn’t for a short time but your whole lifetime. Especially in this modern time and some people are crazy saying, “I’m a guru” etc. If there are outer problems then on the inner there are problems. You understand if there is right lineage; right master and right practitioner in the Guru you found. If you find a practitioner master, if he or she is rich or poor; has lots of students or not, if they are a true practitioner then you respect him or her; you listen and receive empowerments.

There are lots of lineages in Tibet and in all of the lineages the root master is Guru Rinpoche. Then really a true master does Guru Rinpoche blessings for their students. It is important this Guru understands Dharma very well; they are a practitioner and has a clean lineage. If they have these, then it is great. Then you respect and this isn’t wrong. If you don’t respect, then this is wrong.

Then secondly, inner Guru Yoga means your mind has devotion and faith this is inner Buddha. You respect yourself and practice Guru Rinpoche’s 7 line prayer, visualization and dedicate. You remember Guru Rinpoche, read his history and continue to be mindful of him in everything you are doing. Always think of him. Remember Guru Rinpoche and have devotion and believe in him. Also understand that he is special in the world and he is the 2nd Buddha. This is inner mind and is very helpful.

Inner Tibetan Refuge says I take refuge in my Guru. Then I take refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. If you don’t respect Guru then you don’t have respect for Buddha, Dharma and Sangha as it is a long lineage from Guru Rinpoche. The lineage is almost 1000 years old. Inside you understand this and have great respect.

Thirdly, in inner Guru Yoga, you respect the outer Guru and inner Guru; outside body, speech, and mind is blessing and your body, speech, and mind is doing mantra; thinking of Guru Rinpoche and dedicating that all sentient beings reach the great liberation the same as Guru Rinpoche.

Secretly if you don’t understand outer or inner, you pray to Guru Rinpoche. Sometimes you pray in a strong way maybe sometimes even crying. Then don’t think of the past or future but our problem is we are in samsara suffering and have ignorance. Guru Rinpoche will help. You look your mind and do union meditation.

It is important to do Guru Rinpoche mantra because all mantras are in his. You do 12 lakh (1,200,000) as the foundation. Otherwise there are many religions and lineages and you don’t understand. You go different places, here and there. You loose time and many years go by. If you are doing this now, then Guru Yoga is what is important to do now.

Sometimes there are politics and business outside. And a person doesn’t have Guru Rinpoche inside and Dzogchen in this time. Don’t think is ‘my’ way or ‘my’ lineage does this way etc. If we didn’t have Guru Rinpoche, then there would be no traditions or lineages. That is why I am thinking I’m not just Nyingma but Guru Rinpoche is the root. Other masters and lineages all have Guru Rinpoche on the inner. For example, the sun lights up everything. Yes, there are moon and stars. If we have the sun, then we see clearly. If we only have a candle, then we only see a little. It is not ‘my tradition or lineage way’. There is one face: it is Guru Rinpoche. He is like the sun. All traditions and lineages come from him. This is important.

Then very secret Guru Yoga is Secret Rigpa Guru Yoga meditation. You have the sadhana and recognize nature of your mind. This is great Guru Rinpoche. First do visualization of Guru Rinpoche. Secondly, do mantra. Then thirdly his mind, Dharmakaya and our mind are in union. This is very important. Then do dedication for sentient beings.

Then 100% this will change your mind and you will have compassion. You will have emotions, feelings and help others, that is, have actions. I was a child, I remember as a small child about 2-3 years until now I do meditation of Guru Rinpoche. I understand 100% his history, his nature and how much compassion he has for this world.

This is why I tell you Guru Rinpoche’s view, meditation, activity to help other sentient beings and action is rainbow body. You can do like Guru Rinpoche, the same.

Inner Guru Rinpoche. Khenchen Lama.