It is very important to understand about the true Dakini. It is important to meet a true Dakini because they help one’s practice; meditation; provide protection; and help one to have good health and long life. Everything one hopes for, a true Dakini offers. “True Dakini” means they have wisdom; compassion; and they really believe in karma and Tantra. A true Dakini especially understands Tantra.

“Rig” means understand the nature of mind. “Ma” means take care like a mother; they take care of the practitioner. This is what Rigma means. Dakini means a high practitioner. It does not mean samsara things. A true Dakini’s View understands the nature of phenomenon. In Meditation, she really respects inner mind. She really sees her Master is Buddha. Her Four Activities are always Dharma and helping benefit other sentient beings. This means a true Dakini has a great mind. She does not think of herself. She understands the outer, inner and secret nature of action. For example, in dream a true Dakini goes to Buddhahood and Dakini land; Dakini Buddhahood. A true Dakini sees good and bad things. If she sees bad things, she changes them in the right way. If she sees the good, she doesn’t have ego and doesn’t see things the wrong way from ego. Her nature is renunciation. She has a clean mind. She doesn’t like samsara but helps in samsara. A great monk is the same. A true Dakini has Bodhichitta and does the Six Paramitas. She has pure view mind and sees Guru Rinpoche. She doesn’t just visualize him but actually sees him in mind as she has inner pure view. There are Mahayoga, Anuyoga, and Atiyoga views and she understands these activities and comes true nature of mind.
This is a Dakini. Dakini means a woman Buddha. Dharmakaya is Samantabhadri; Sambhogakaya is Warahi Yogini. Nirmanakaya is Mandarava or Yeshe Tsogyal; an incarnation in a human body. Her body is samsara but her inner mind is a great Nirmanakaya. These are all Dakinis.

Sometimes in samsara, people don’t understand who a Dakini is but a true Dakini understands in her inner mind. These are not an ordinary person. They say they are ordinary women but they are not really. They have come through many levels and help other people; parents; their family; community; country and everyone. They are doing actions and prayers for all sentient beings. It is like ten people in one person. These are special things. You check yourself. And take care of things. It is a special way and a Dakini needs to take care especially of the Tantra tradition.

For example, the Tantra tradition is like a Garuda; you fly in the sky. A Garuda has two wings to fly. If you do not have two wings, then you can’t fly. Dakas and Dakinis are like the two wings of a Garuda. To begin this path one begins as an ordinary person. Then one takes Refuge and developes Bodhicitta. Next, one practices Tantra and are a yogi/yogini. Then men and women become Dakas and Dakinis. You can have this in one life. Many Rinpoches and high practitioners have done this path in a previous life. Then this life they can do more activities to help sentient beings. Yogis/yoginis need this or they can’t fly this life.

Inner Kindness. Khenchen Lama.