Samaya is very important between a teacher and a student. It is especially important if you have transmission, empowerment and blessings from him or her, Guru or Dakini. If really have true lineage and empowerment is true, then you take care of samaya. You do practice, meditation and Four Roots meditation. This is very important.

Otherwise if you don’t do Four Roots meditation and you have transmission and empowerment then you don’t have power and you are not a practitioner. Also if samaya is broken this means you and your teacher go to hell. If the teacher is wrong they go to hell. If they aren’t wrong they won’t. If you are wrong then you will go to Vajra hell.

Vajra means a very strong thunderbolt. If you are good, do Four Roots meditation it is useful and you don’t break samaya, then you are a thunderbolt. If you keep your samaya, then you are light thunderbolt liberation. If you break your samaya, you will go to Vajra hell and you are a Vajra demon.

A Vajra demon is the effect of breaking samaya. In this case, you only used your teacher and do Dharma business. You will go to hell if you don’t keep the transmission, empowerment and Four Roots practice together and keep your samaya.

Anyway, Tantra samaya practice is very important to keep clean. If you are in Asia or in the West, it doesn’t matter, it is human. If you have teacher and transmission, you keep samaya as it is very important.

I’ve never broken my samaya. If a student breaks samaya, I have no choice, this is their choice. I show right path, great way with levels. If a student goes the wrong way; believes others; respects others and respects a negative path, then I can’t help. I can’t choose for the student.

Buddha Shakyamuni said “I show my path to you but you follow me”. If you don’t follow him and you go another way; follow a non-Buddhist path; you go on a political or business path or in a negative way; middle way or not a true path this is not following Buddha Shakyamuni.

Anyway, I tell you today as it is a special day. Respect the Dharma and your Guru. If you keep samaya then next life will be very good. In Vajrayana you either go up or go down. There is no middle way of standing still. This is from my compassion that I tell you all my students so that you take care. All the best to you all. Samaya.

In Great Samaya. Khenchen Lama.