Usually in Tantra practice of yogis and yoginis, they follow Buddha Dharma and practice the six Yanas of Tantra. Of course they have Hinayana and Mahayana as a foundation. This means there are a total of nine Yanas of practice.

There are three important things for practitioners to think of. First, it is important you really find your nature of mind; you feel “I really love Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra”; and you have respect and believe. Also, you learn more from books; tantra books and stories.

Secondly, it is very important you find your true Guru, a really good teacher. A true Guru will have compassion, wisdom and practice Tantra. They will really take good care of their students. They will have a clean lineage. There will be no politics and no business and everything won’t be public.

Thirdly, you follow, you respect, have transmission, empowerment and learn from your Guru. Don’t use Dharma in a business or political way. Don’t do negative things with your teacher such as lying, shouting, having no respect or doing negative things behind their back. If you are exactly face to face and outer, inner and secret are perfect with your teacher then this life time you will have liberation of mind.

Generally modern people are thinking now that Buddhism is just like football, the Olympic Games, sports or exercise. A lot of people think going on holiday related to Buddhism is similar to Buddhism. A lot of students feel that advertising and being ‘very’ public is Tibetan Buddhism. This is absolutely not true.

What is really true is your mind is peace; you have realization of nature of Tantra; you understand inner Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and you do yogi tradition. Then you know that for a very long time since Samantabhadra until now, it is very simple. If other people understand or not isn’t important. What is important is you understand your mind and you have inner peace. You do true Dharma and a positive way.

Otherwise the outer is funny, joking, business way, this isn’t the true way. If for a short time we feel ‘wow’ and are happy this is good. But if after we are joking; dancing; we are focused on being an author and being famous this is not the same. Also for some it is like watching TV for a short time when it looks like a good movie. But this doesn’t help. But if you do every day, take care of the inner then this is a great help.

Otherwise, today are good friends but tomorrow are bad friends; harm each other and fight. You see this political way in Dharma Centres where Dharma brothers and sisters are fighting and maybe killing. This is not understanding Dharma. At first when people are friends but later harm each other, this is not true practice; it is only using each other.

For example, my Guru and my mom I understand are true practitioners and masters. Then they never do negative ways; bad things; they do not change and then don’t come. I never think any bad things. “If” have negative things; business; political things then I have more respect devotion for my Guru and my mom. But negative things never happen with them. Also I know my really good friends and heart students, I give everything in teachings and special things but they hurt me this is my problem because I haven’t been careful. I much more believed others but others did not have respect; they didn’t believe and changed their mind. I have students that this happened to me. Never mind, I will carefully take my students and not try samsara things. I will only focus on taking good care of my lineage and welcome good students to my classes and teachings.

Also Guru Rinpoche said I hope to benefit students but students don’t understand and do the opposite. This is about 70% of people as it is human nature. This is why in our short life, it is important to take good care. Now every day more people do negative things and really true Buddhism practitioner numbers are lower ever day. Recently modern knowledge is not helpful for practitioners including iphones, internet, Facebook, Wechat etc. and they create more negative things and problems. This is the reason lots of masters and great lamas only went to a cave and did meditation retreat.

Hopefully everyone understands these things. But I briefly saw the news and decided to do a short message here to friends, students and close people.

The important message is that everyone tries to do true Buddhism. Then the whole world is nature peace, nature liberation, nature freedom and nature practitioner.

Then this world would be like Dewachen because it will be true Buddhism. Just like Shambhalla or Guru Rinpoche’s land of Zangdok Palri. It will be like this because people totally understand Buddha, Dharma and Tantra practice. Then there will always be peace in this world. I wish this. All the best to you all.

Inner Peace. Khenchen Lama.