To have good health it is best to do meditation in the early morning. It is best if Dream Yoga is 4:00 to 5:30 in the morning. Then do meditation from 5:30 to 6:30 in the morning. Studying and meditation are best done early in the day. Relaxing and doing activities in a relaxed way through the day is the best. Rest when you are able to.

You don’t always need the internet, the phone or TV as these are more stressful and they are not peaceful or relaxing. Usually people spend a lot of time on these and they become very stressed.

Also, if you don’t eat or drink well then you will feel uncomfortable and you won’t have good health. Too much eating is also a problem as you will feel tired and very exhausted.

To have good physical and mental health and to develop your meditation the following things are important:

  1. Don’t use the internet, TV, phone and technology too much and these types of samsara things.It is very easy to waste a lot of time this way and they increase stress in our life.
  2. Eat natural food and drink juice and water.
  3. Don’t think of the past or worry about the future too much. Don’t think too much about things. Just try to relax in this moment.
  4. Do Guru Yoga, Yidam, Dakini and Protection meditations. Do the Three or Four Roots meditation every day. This will help take good care of your body, speech and mind.

This isn’t only for Buddhist practitioners but it is important for everyone to take care of their body, speech, mind and activities. It is important to take good care of these every day.

  1. Do not smoke or do drugs. Also, be very careful of chemicals and try not to use them.
  2. Use natural medicines when you need to. Do exercise every day for 30 min to 1 hour. This can mean prostrations or any movement.
  3. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time every day.
  4. Get enough sleep every night. Usually 7 or 8 hours is a good amount for most people. A few people don’t need this amount. If you have enough sleep, don’t sleep longer. If you don’t get enough sleep at night then take a nap in the day for 20 minutes. This is very important so you have enough rest.
  5. Try not to be angry, jealous, attached, have aversion or be arrogant. Fear is common among these so become less afraid. Try to lessen your ego. The Five Poisons only create more and more problems. With the Five Poisons we become physically and mentally unhealthy.

Instead, be kind and patient. Develop respect and rejoice in the good fortune of others. It is very important to develop compassion and wisdom.

Do meditation and then you will have better mental health. All of these are important things.

In Dharma Blessings
Khenchen Lama