Someone has asked me, “What is Inner Manjushri?”

This is a very good question and it is very important to understand. In Tibetan Buddhism, we consider the outer, inner and secret levels. When we think of outer Manjushri, we are doing meditation and we visualize Manjushri in front of us blessing us. We are able to contact him through our visualization, mantra and prayers. In Inner Manjushri you now think ‘I am Manjushri’. We feel this in our physical body and this level involves our chakras, channels and energy that are within us. We have emotions with this as well. In Secret Manjushri you recognize the nature of your wisdom Buddha or Rigpa. Of course this last one is difficult. But first you do the Four Thoughts and with this you automatically have renunciation. Then you not only think of yourself but also all sentient beings having great liberation. This is Bodhicitta. Then you have pure view and your mind is very clean. You do meditation and automatically you feel this is Buddhaland and I am Manjushri. You feel this in each of your chakras. After some time, you will recognize your nature of mind. When you begin in this way with the Four Thoughts, having renunciation, Bodhicitta and you feel you are Manjushri with your chakras and energy and then you will understand the nature of your mind. If you don’t try, it won’t come even if you wish it to. But, if you try visualization and do mantra millions and billions of times and you rest your mind in Shamatha and Rigpasana more and more, then you will definitely recognize your nature of mind. This is my heart teaching for everyone. Thank you.

In Secret Manjushri. Khenchen Lama.