The first posture helps legs, knees, hands, arms and the back of the neck. The second posture helps skin and eye problems. The third posture helps if you are always cold and have difficulties after eating. The fourth posture is for strengthening weak arms. The fifth posture is for people with edema anywhere in their body so they are overweight. The sixth posture helps the spine. The seventh posture helps the channels and energy problems. The eighth helps the back of the shoulders. The ninth posture helps our upper back and if we experience shortness of breath. The tenth posture helps our kidneys. The eleventh posture helps the ribs in our chest. The twelfth posture helps the stomach and intestines. The thirteenth posture helps the whole body. The fourteenth posture helps when we have difficulty moving our neck. The fifteenth posture helps the inside of our whole body. The sixteenth posture helps our voice if it is weak and if we have difficulty speaking. The seventeeth posture helps the abdomen. The eighteenth posture helps all the joints in our body. The nineteenth posture helps the leg muscles. The twentieth posture helps the whole body inside, outside and the channels. The twenty first posture helps our mind and allows us to be peaceful. If you can do these 21 postures every day, your body and mind will be very healthy and you will have a long life.