It is important that you listen, study and then do the action of the Five Elements mudra and Five Elements mantra together and rest in the nature of the Five Elements.

First, our motivation is very important in all meditation and all Dharma practice. Our motivation is not only for ourself but also to help all other sentient beings have liberation in this life time.

Then you think “I am doing this practice for the liberation of all sentient beings”. Therefore your mind is clean and you have inner joy.

Secondly, it is important that you do the right posture of Vairochana or you sit with your back straight on a chair. Also, some people like the meditation posture. You choose what is best for yourself.

After we do the mudra of the Five Elements. This moves our energy and makes it stronger and stronger. When our energy is strong, we have good mental health and our body and Five Elements will be healthy. Then our physical body will be really healthy.

It is important to understand the Five Elements mudra; the Five Elements mantra and the Five Elements power. Each finger has a channel that carries one of the Five Elements and these go to the rest of our body.

The Five Elements mudra involves our thumbs and our fingers. The channel in our thumbs is the Earth element. Our index fingers are the Water element. Our middle finger is the Sky element. Our ring finger is the Fire element and our baby finger is the Wind element.

There are two ways we do the Five Elements mudra. I will show you.

One is the thumb that is earth, touches each finger. So when the thumb and index finger touch, it is the Earth touching Water. When the thumb and middle finger touch, it is the Earth touching the Sky. When the thumb and ring finger touch, it is the Earth touching Fire. And when the thumb and baby fingers touch, it is the Earth touching Wind. The second mudra is our fingers from both hands touch each other: thumbs touch; index fingers touch; middle fingers touch; ring fingers touch and baby fingers touch.

The Five Elements Mantra is: RAM, YAM, WAM, KAM, AH.

We use our mantra and mudra together, focusing on our channels in the outer, inner and secret levels. For example in the outer, you know there are Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Sky. When this is very clean we are very healthy inside. More importantly is the inside of the physical body and we take good care of our Five Elements.

On the inner, if our body’s Five Elements are going well then it is easy to do meditation. If our Five Elements are a bit changed or not in balance, people are sick, they are not mentally healthy and they have obstacles. This is the reason for these conditions.

You will be healthy, have better mental health and more wisdom if you remember all of the considerations of body, speech and mind; outer, inner and secret levels; the Five Elements and you have good concentration. You will be taking good care of yourself. And you will be able to help and bless others. You will be able to bless others because the energy in your fingers will be strong and positive. You choose how long to do this meditation. Take your time.

After you are finished it is very important to do dedication. Do dedication for our environment’s Five Elements and this world, Mother Earth. And especially for our physical body and Five Elements to be doing well and are perfect. Dedication on the inner level is that all sentient beings are happy, are peace and have liberation mind. All the best.

In Five Elements Blessing. Khenchen Lama