Some students have an important question about doing meditation every day when they have a busy life. This is a very good question and I’d like to answer. I did answer but I will write the answer here clearly for everyone.

Of course, our life is very rushed and busy and doing many things that are not meaningful with samsara things. But you are really lucky as you have a lineage and your teachers.

You do Guru Yoga; Yidam Garuda; Dakini White Tara and Dharmapala King Gesar. You practice these every day. This is Shamatha meditation because you are focusing and doing visualization, mantra, mudra and concentration is on Four Roots.

Every day when you get up early in the morning, think of what you are doing today. The things to think about is not your busy schedule. Instead, think of the following.

First it is important to think of the Four Thoughts. First is Precious Human Life. You think “I have a meaningful Precious Human Life. I really do have the 32 auspicious characteristics of a precious human life”.

Second, think about impermanence. Moments pass quickly. Things change and soon it will happen and you will die. In this moment, you have a Precious Human Life and it too is impermanent.

Third, be careful with karma and take care with your actions.

Fourth is, Samsara is suffering.

With these Four Thoughts you will automatically have renunciation mind. Secondly, think about Buddha Dharma and take Refuge. Think about with sentient beings reaching the great liberation and think about Bodhicitta.

In your daily life, try the activity of Six Paramitas as much as you can do.

Next, continue with the Preliminary practices.

Do Yidam Vajrasattva purification meditation. Vajrasattva meditation practice has Four Powers. First is the Power of Support. This is the Vajrasattva empowerment that you have had. The Second Power is to recognize you have done wrong and now have negative karma. You think and feel that “I am sorry and feel sad for all the things I have done wrong”. The Third Power is understanding and saying, “I won’t do these negative things again”. The Fourth Power is the Power of Action. This is Vajrasattva visualization and the long and short mantra. You do this now.

After this, do the Three Kayas Mandala Offering.
After the Mandala Offering, it is important to pray to Guru Rinpoche outer, inner, secret and very secret ways.

Lastly do the Four Key Points. First, do the visualization of the Four Roots. Secondly, do the mantra of the Four Roots. Thirdly, rest mind with Four Roots. Lastly, recognize nature of Four Roots.

The first time it is difficult to do this. Even though it is not easy, try slowly, slowly every day.

To review. This means you have motivation; you are focused and you do dedication at the end.

You do whatever you have time for: 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes. Do this in the early morning. Then anytime like breakfast, lunch, after dinner and when you have free time, you remember these things. Then you are a practitioner with a daily practice.

All the best to you all.

In Nature of Dharma. Khenchen Lama.