Meditation is not easy for human beings. Meditation means in Tibetan words “gom”. There are three things. First, only try to have our mind positive again and again. Keep trying to be positive and not negative. Have our mind focus on being more peaceful, more interesting things, more good things. This is mind focusing. Second way you turn your mind and have renunciation. Have the Four Thoughts of precious human life etc. When we understand these, these are the cause of renunciation and makes renunciation very easy. Also, try to have a great heart and Bodhicitta for sentient beings, So have renunciation and Bodhicitta. Then especially try to have pure view. Don’t think life is samsara, life is very bad etc. Instead, have a pure view of Buddhahood. Visualiz the Four Roots of Guru, Yidam, Dakini and Protection. Then it is more peaceful and then you have confident shamatha. Thirdly, understand that all of the above is blessing you and ask that you understand the nature of mind because I don’t right now. Pray with a strong request. This is blessing you and for your motivation. Therefore mind has great peace. The Buddha blessings are for you. This is Shamatha meditation. Also you rest in the nature of mind. Look inside and rest in your mind, don’t look outside. Then you have renunciation, Bodhicitta, pure view. Then understanding and recognizing the nature of your mind comes automatically. In this moment you recognize the nature of your mind. Then you try again and again. This is great meditation. This is Rigpa meditation. After you do this for a short time, then do dedication. Do practice for a short time and again do dedication. This is really helpful for our mind and meditation. We do again and again. Then you understand this is exactly the great meditation. Because there is good virtue, good emotion, good shamatha and good understanding of nature of your mind. Then you have the four activities in your daily life. During these, try not to forget your nature of mind. If you forget and it’s difficult to remember during the day, do this for 5 or 10 minutes in the morning after you get up. Then do dedication. Then again at night. This is helpful for your practice and will be easier to remember through the day. With this action, this life is meaningful and very good. Then next life is also very good and have three kayas liberation. This is fruition. Because if have great meditation then Dharmakaya liberation; if meditation then Sambhogakaya liberation. Or if you don’t understand the nature of your mind then you have an incarnation which is Nirmanikaya incarnation. Then you will have a meaningful life next life with three kayas liberation. This is my heart teaching. 

In a warm heart, Dorjee, Khenchen Lama