There are five vows that are the Ngakpa or Ngakma Vows. All other Ngakpa Vows can be included in these five. Traditionally, these Vows are just referred to as Ngakpa Vows.

  1. The first vow is to always take Refuge; to always have Bodhicitta and to respect the Tantra lineage.
    Understand that you never finish your connection with these. If you don’t like Tantra, it means your vow is broken. If you really like Tantra, you do Tantra practice and believe in it. Then you will keep this vow.
  2. The second vow is to respect your lineage Master. You respect Vajrasattva, Samantabhadra, Garab Dorjee and your Master.
    You understand that you never finish your relationship with your Master. You do not argue with your Master or break the connection with your Master. You are always with your Master.
  3. The third vow is to do mantra and mudra every day. When you do these every day, you do not lose your practice.
  4. The fourth vow is that you always respect your Vajra brothers and sisters; you don’t fight with them or do negative things towards them.
  5. The fifth and last vow is that you never talk about the practices in a public place or with the public. You always keep your samaya. If you discuss your practices with the public or publicly, you break these vows.

Inner Blessings, Khenchen Lama