Usually everyone is the same and sleeps. But dream is different. First is sleep and then after there is dream. Sleep is important because it gives us good rest and helps keep us healthy. But too much sleep is not good because too much time sleeping we lose half of our life to sleeping. But if you do dream yoga then it is great sleep and meaningful of practice.
Generally, people have different sleep positions; different faces; make different sounds like snoring and have different quality of rest. It is important that you try to do practice of dream yoga. Some people naturally come to dream yoga. Some don’t remember their dreams. That means they don’t have dream yoga. But if you do practice every day of sleep and dream yoga then you can have dreams and understand.
There are 2 things. First, you try exactly dream yoga because before you never tried this way. Secondly it doesn’t come automatically. If you like dream yoga and understand then you also do good virtue things. You respect your emotions dream. You believe your dream yoga meditation and that this is great. And then you will change and understand dream yoga. Then you try more samsara dream yoga and nirvana dream yoga and different things in dream.
Some neuro scientists research sleep and check samsara dreams. But you really need dream yoga and this is very different. When you do dream yoga, then you change like the physical body doing exercises. In the dream you understand lots of things including very secret and different things like luminosity and understand the nature of mind. Of course, everyone has dreams but don’t understand dream yoga dreams.
A really true way if you would like to do dream yoga is first you have empowerment and teaching. This teaching is by your lineage teacher. Then you do dream yoga easily because you have the key and can learn. Otherwise people are scared, worry, the dreams are not meaningful and you don’t know and don’t learn. It is very important to try to practice dream yoga root meditation after you do practice every night. Then you will understand greatly. Then after you are more excited. This is great and then you will understand more and more. All the best to you all.
In Dharma Blessings. Khenchen Lama