The Four Thoughts are very important in our precious human life. We understand that every life is suffering. This is one of the Four Noble Truths.

Even though life is suffering, it is useful to do meditation and practice so you are confident in your liberation path. If we don’t try to meditate or we say I’ll do it ‘tomorrow, tomorrow’, this is not good. Instead, every day think of impermanence and Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

This makes this life very meaningful. This is very important rather than just ‘thinking’ about future lives. Instead, if you think of impermanence, suffering and do more and more meditation practice every day, this will be very good for you this life.

Time is very, very important. Time goes very quickly. Some people are selfish, angry, rude, lazy and or negative. Check yourself. Do not go this way. Instead, do practice and change your mind to being positive. Then you will have a meaningful and happy life. When you think and do positive actions, this is good virtue. Then, next life you will have a good life and be with good and great people.

Although samsara is suffering, inside you will be happy, have nirvana. If there is no samsara, there is no nirvana. Our mind is what makes good and bad so it is important to change our mind to a positive way, the Dzogchen way.

This is the only help, the Dzogchen lineage. We are very lucky as all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Guru Rinpoche practices are in Guru Yoga. When you do Guru Yoga every day, it is doing Buddha Yoga; Dharma Yoga and Sangha Yoga and includes everything. We do not have time to focus on each and every meditation practice.

This is why Guru Yoga is so very important as it does include everything. This is very helpful. If you are young or old, focus on Guru Yoga meditation.

This is my heart teachings for my students.

In Great Compassion. Khenchen Lama.