First, our mind comes to the true Dharma way. Secondly, Dharma is coming to the right path. Thirdly, the right path has no ignorance. It is the wisdom way. There is no ignorance, there is only Buddha’s Wisdom. This is the wisdom of nirvana, not the wisdom of samsara, the world. Lastly, this path has inner peace; we have Bodhicitta and we come to understand the nature of our mind.

First it is very important that we focus our mind on the Dharma. We do this because the Dharma is very important for us not only this lifetime but also for next lifetime. It is only possible to have positive and strong mental health through the Dharma.

Secondly, the Dharma way is not outside of us. It is not outside like politics, business, our home, our countries or temples. Although outer practices can be supportive, the true Dharma means to change your mind in a positive way. If we don’t change our mind to a positive way, then even though it looks lovely and perfect outside of us, we will still have suffering inside our self. Dharma means inner peace. If you are confident in the Dharma in this life, in the dream or in the bardo, you will not have suffering inside yourself. If you aren’t confident in the Dharma, you will have suffering. There will be difficuilties in life and it is very easy to change your mind from this to that to something else.

Confidence comes from the Dharma which is the Buddha’s teaching and our changing our mind in the right way. These two must be in union. That is, we need to listen to the Buddha’s teachings and change our mind to the teachings. Then we will have a peaceful mind. Then we are really a Dharma practitioner! Secondly, being in the Dharma in the right way means: you have inner peace; you do practice and think in positive ways. The more you turn your mind this way and are in union with the Buddha’s teachings, then the more inner peace you will experience.

Of course, in daily life, in samsara, there are many obstacles. We have difficulties and these come from the five poisons. It is important to try to eliminate these obstacles on the outer, inner and secret levels. Often times when it is difficult, people are more focussed on their difficulties and much less on Dharma and their practice.

Instead, this is the very time it is important to really concentrate on the Dharma even more! For example, when we do meditation, lots of obstacles can come. When this happens, don’t think of these obstacles. Instead, intend to turn away from these and rest in your inner peace. Rest in the nature of your mind in the Dharma way. When your concentration is strong in the Dharma, then obstacles will go. This is called ‘Dharma going very well’. Strongly focusing on the Dharma will help you have inner peace and then there are no obstacles. This is the ‘Dharma going very well’.

Thirdly, is our right path. Although there are many different meditation practices; there is Mahayana and Tantrayana etc, it can seem difficult to know what to do. The easiest answer to this and the most important way in the Dharma, is for you to choose to have a great heart and Bodhicitta.

Sometimes people only think of their own liberation and other things. If you focus on Bodhicitta and helping sentient beings to have liberation, this is having a great mind! When you try to do this again and again, then your heart will grow. Your view will not change with the wind or with difficulties and you will become like a great mountain. Every day, in your daily life, develope Bodhicitta; develop the 10 Good Virtues and do the 6 Paramitas.

Regardless of how difficult life is, we can do this a very small amount more each day if we think about it and apply it to our particular daily life. For example, in any moment, just ‘in this moment’, we can choose kindness or patience. Just in this moment. Then the teachings become very concrete in our life and we have more and more confidence. You also won’t have ignorance on your path.

Lastly, developing Bodhicitta is important and good. It is also important to again turn within, to your inner and do more inner Bodhicitta. Inner Bodhicitta involves several things. You understand the nature of your Buddha nature. You respect your lineage and Guru Padmasambhava as its head. You pray and do inner Guru Yoga every day.

In doing inner Guru Yoga, you understand that the body, speech and mind of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and your body, speech and mind are the same. Think that because of this, you ‘are’ able to have the liberation of Rainbow Body. In doing Guru Yoga practice, it is also important to do the Guru Rinpoche Four Empowerments by yourself every day. When you do these four self empowerments, you will understand the nature of your mind more and more.

Do this again and again and every day. Bodhicitta is the great fruition. When we do Guru Yoga in this way again and again, we recognize our nature of mind comes from Bodhicitta. You will understand this in this moment.

In the beginning, this may be for a very short time. This will lengthen as you try this again every day. This is very important as a practitioner. Then you are excellent in Buddhism.

Om Jana Guru Benza Siddhi Hung.

Inner Buddha. Khenchen Lama.