I prostrate to my Guru Samantabhadra.

There are three things that are important.

First we strongly believe. That is, we have great devotion to the lineage and the Guru. This is very important.

Secondly it is important to have Bodhicitta which is thinking and wanting all sentient beings to reach the Great Liberation.

The third important thing is to do prostrations, offerings and merit or activity. Prostrations and Vajrasattva practice purify negativities. Along with Mandala offerings and Guru Yoga practice, these are very important. If we don’t do practice and this activity then it doesn’t change our mind. Our heart may be very good but if we don’t do action then our mind doesn’t change much.

We also need to try to have a peaceful mind. To do this, don’t think about the past, present or future. Instead, rest your mind.

There are 8 consciousness and five emotions. These don’t touch our mind. If you touch eye consciousness then you see colors. If you touch smell consciousness then you can smell etc. If you ‘think’ it is often a negative way. Instead, rest in our primordial nature, the nature of mind. Don’t think of samsara things or nirvana things. Only recognize our nature.

For example, if we watch a river, the water flows naturally, nobody pushes it. This is the same as the primordial nature way to do meditation.

In this very moment, our mind with no thoughts is like great space which is like an open heart. Then you see primordial emptiness and primordial Light. It is like sky, like space. Our mind is the same.

There is no past, present or future but you know it is yourself. There is no view, activity, meditation or fruition. All one sees is Dharmadatu. There is no coming or going. Only Great Freedom Mind.

For example, a bird is in an egg. Once the egg opens, it is free. The same with our mind. Then there is no samsara or nirvana. One sees everything, just like Buddha’s mind.

When we are born or die, everything is like primordial mind, the nature of the three Kayas. Mind is always blissful. Great peace is fruition.

We understand more and more about impermanence. We understand more and more about a precious human life and the importance of taking care in this time.

This means that fruition comes through. It pushes through naturally. This is a great practitioner!

In Holy Dharma. Khenchen Lama.