I did dedication for Hong Kong to be peaceful. Also, I think of my students in Hong Kong. The students have no problems but right now, Hong Kong does. I wish people to know that fighting isn’t a good way.

Instead, in any difficult times, it is important that we have more patience and we help people. Also, we take care of our self. It is important not to push others and not to harm others. Try to have a meaningful life by doing prayer of the Four Root Meditations. This is our meaningful life.

Please don’t try any more troubles or problems. Usually samsara has problems and suffering. And now if do make more problems, it will only mean more and more trouble and even more suffering.

It is important to know we have a precious human life and to take good care in a Dharma way. Also, I pray for everyone to take care and be safe.

This is a difficult time and I will try my best with Dzogchen Kalachakra in Hong Kong. I’m not thinking of myself but caring for countries, for peace, and to benefit others. If it is really difficult, where I am, I will pray and I don’t forget my students in Hong Kong. All the best to you all.

Inner Dzogchen Kalachakra. Khenchen Lama.